Long Awaited Update

To the boyfriend I had before, gone. Dumped me with no warning two days after my birthday. Yeah, classy kind of guy. I was shit for a while but I’m better now. One of the people who really helped me through that time and was the best friend I could ask for then, is now my boyfriend. The transition from one man to the other kinda freaked me out and in the beginning it was awkward because I had feelings for two men. The one who broke my heart, and the one who was helping put me back together. It took some time but now I’m really happy again.

Ireland was great but the memories are nothing compared to my trip to England. I feel I actually would have had a better long term opinion of the Ireland trip if I hadn’t gone with my boyfriend at the time. In England I was kind of on my own. I did my own thing and bonded with new people, people I might have had no other reason to be friends with. In Ireland I tagged along with Harrison and my friend Noah, Noah’s friend, and Harrison’s friend. I was always hanging out with them while in England I hung out with a bunch of people and spent time with almost everyone from the trip.

It’s because of this that I want to go back to both Ireland and England, but on my own. I want to explore in a way I wasn’t able to, especially with Ireland. I think I wanted Ireland to be more than the trip allowed it to be because that nation means so much to me and to my sense of identity.

It’s been 9 months since I graduated and I’m still not quite sure about this whole “Adult” thing. I’m still trying to put it off for as long as I can muster. I was in a place by myself for a couple months, but then got a two bedroom with a friend from college. Things were a little rocky at first but they’re starting to even out. I don’t think I’ll stay in a two bedroom once the lease is up. I’ll go back to a one bedroom by myself cause there were definite bonus’s to being on my own completely. I’ll talk to him about it closer to when the lease is up (Nov.) so I give him time to find a different place.

I’ve been working all of those 9 months, with a company which makes an “all-in-one” audiobook platform. A little mp3 player device which is one book per player. They’re an odd concept for the normal person but libraries and schools get a lot out of them. I’m really liking it here. The people are great and I’m starting to be okay with the monotony of the actual work. It’s a great place to be and I’m liking this as my first forray into the “real world”.

So over all, had some down spots around the mid summer and was incredibly pissed, heartbroken, depressed. Around Sept. that changed and now I’m back to being pretty damn good.

Let’s see where it goes from here.



So class is over tomorrow around 11. I am so nervous and excited to be going to Ireland on Wednesday. My father is currently updating me on where our Irish heritage originated from. We have four counties so far that we know of. Limerick, Tipperary, Derry, and Antrim. I’m still so amazed by the fact that in the twenty first century we are able to find long forgotten histories. Like my own tenth grandfather. That’s eleven generations, and we can go further. Its amazing.

Leaving in just three days

Its weird to think I’ve been waiting for this all year. I never really doubted that is get in and then now, were getting ready to leave. Tomorrow I’m doing a presentation in class on the introduction of Christianity to Ireland and how the monasteries that were subsequently built are important to Irish history. I don’t know quite how far through history the professor wanted me to go so in hope I haven’t gone too far. Then on Tuesday I am taking a history quiz and a quiz on the counties of Ireland. I also have to turn in what is the first installment of an Irish nationalism paper, which is really hard to do when you don’t have a computer so I’m going up to the school library to type it up.
In other news I am almost fully packed for Ireland. I just have to decide if I’m taking my one dress in case we go somewhere nice, and I need to find a way to pack one of my towels.
There’s something unnerving about the fact that I’m going too. Its like this end is finally here. When I get back I graduate.

Just over a week left.

Well, two weeks until we head off for Ireland for real but one week before we actually start the class. It’s finals week starting Monday for the rest of my classes though so I’m not really able to get too excited. I only have papers to write and edit and no tests, but it’s still stressful. I have three papers, one for each of my classes, and then my final paper for my senior seminar, with I’ll admit is kind of a joke compared to the senior sem’s for other majors, but it’s been really difficult for me.

I’ve started reading some of the books for my class in Ireland and have been looking at some Irish history sites online to try and help me with our first writing assignment (which is due before take off on the 24th). It’s on Irish Nationalism and how music has played a part in the development of Nationalism or the continuation of an Irish Nationalistic spirit.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Irish music because of the class (not American-Irish rock but actually traditional music) and it’s so beautiful. I’m really excited to see how this class goes.

I’m gonna update y’all on here more often probably starting by Friday.


Discover Ireland

Discover Ireland

Hey, so I know it’s been a while since the last post. So I’ve got eight weeks until I fly to Ireland and seven weeks until the class starts and I’m really getting excited. We got our itineraries and a list of the places we’re staying a little bit ago and so now I can look at the most important thing, what restaurants and pubs I think sound good. Yeah, I could just go and see whats there when I get there, but the touristy maps that people are going to have in hotels and hostels are usually pretty wonky. Plus, I am a food person and at the very least I’d love to know for myself what kind of places will be around me.

So here we go, actually looking at places to go in Ireland. This is getting real.

There’s something about the holidays…

It makes me think about what the future might be like. What next years holidays might be like, or the year after that.
Next year am I gonna be in my own apartment? If so I’d like to have a party. Something for pre-christmas and also something for new years. A kind of diner party would be nice, I could cook for everyone, we could watch movies or listen to music, I could have a little mini-bar set up.
The year after that, would it be possible to imagine I’d be away from Cleveland. That I could be in some new city finding my way through streets I haven’t known since I was a little kid to go shopping and getting groceries.

It also makes me think about how quickly time goes by. I mean, right now it seems like forever until my trip in April next year, but by the time April is here I’ll feel like Christmas was just a little while ago.
I’m so excited to be going there with all the wonderful people, its going to be so much fun as my final class in Hiram. I’m terrified for this school year to be over because I still cannot believe I’m going to be done. However, a trip to one of the places I have always wanted to go, with some of my really good friends, is probably one of the greatest things I could imagine doing as the end of my Hiram life.

Early Christmas

Hope everyone out there is having a safe holiday season.
My family always celebrates Christmas early so that we can visit my grandparents on Christmas eve and Christmas. So today we woke up relatively early and got our awesome presents. I now have a nexus 7 tablet, a Wii fit, and a ton of new books and such. I’m so happy.
The tablet I intend on taking with me to Ireland to help stay in touch with people. I’ve wanted the Wii fit for a while because with it I might actually work out and keep track of myself.
I also got a bunch of stuff that I can take to Ireland in the form of clothes, really thick socks, and new hiking boots. This trip is getting closer each day and I am so nervous about it.
Hopefully I’ll be here keeping you updated on this holiday for me. Have a wonderful evening my friends.