Hello world!

There are so many things coming up, but the one which has me the most enthralled is Ireland. I’m completely ready for preparations to start for the Irish Nationalism class because once we start having meetings that means we are that much closer to our departure date. Mind you, departure isn’t until April, but so what. I am allowed to be excited for something, because I’m nearly never excited. I have to finish this semesters course work, which is two and a half week’s worth, then a three week class, and finally a full twelve week semester with three classes. I know that when it does come time to get ready to go I’m going to think time had flown by, but right now I simply am feeling as though it can speed up.

I’ve been abroad before, just last year in fact. That was my first time abroad so you could say that I’m still new to the idea and am allowed to be somewhat anxious, but in reality I’m not so much. Not anxious… i don’t think.

That trip was different, with me alone in England. Yes, it was another study abroad, and no I wasn’t truly alone. But I was there with people I barely knew. This time in Ireland I’m going with several good friends as well as my boyfriend. Now this is nowhere near a romantic get away but it’s gonna be all we have for a long time, so I want to make the best of it. We’re going to get the chance to go off on our own sometimes and I’m sure we’ll be able to find things to do on our own while over there. It’s not as if we’re going to the middle of nowhere. Ireland is a place I have wanted to go for ages and this trip is sure to be one of many which I take to the country. The thing is, we are going to the more Irish places, not tourist filled cities like Dublin or Belfast. We’re going to the places where Irish culture is still strong and which still holds fast to old ways and traditions. That’s what I love and cannot wait to learn about. To sit in a pub with Harrison, talking to him, listening to conversations, and just soaking in the air of Ireland, I cannot wait for it all.

I’ve always wanted to travel. Although I have lived in the same home all my life, I have had such an urge to see the world, to travel, to go. Although it isn’t much, these classes are my gateway. They are those things which give me a taste of it so that I don’t forget when I come back to the states, don’t forget what I’m missing.


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