5 months 20 days

It seems far off now. I mean, I haven’t technically registered for the class let alone payed for it or gotten tickets or anything. I have created a tentative packing list though, complete with organization of what bag it’ll be in or if I’m wearing it or have it in a pocket, etc. I hope that time flies by because I am already so excited, I don’t want to start getting nervous about it or anything.

I mean, I haven’t barely been in school two months yet. Can I really be getting nervous for something nearly six months away?

These next two weeks I know are gonna fly by, then a break for thanksgiving and three weeks of classes, then Christmas break… Then twelve weeks and then it’s nearly time to go. Short break and a couple days of classes here, then we’re off.

I haven’t been this excited for anything in a long time. I’m kind of shocked by myself because I am excited. I really do hope it lives up to be as fantastic as I imagine. I already want to be going again. There’s just something about the want to travel to these places… I want to go so badly.


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