Why I desire to travel…

I guess this is a question I should have expected to catch up with me eventually, but although I have wanted to travel all of my life, I still do not have a definite answer as to why that is. As a child the most travel I did was going to Disney in Florida every summer until I was around thirteen or fourteen when we started going to Charleston, South Carolina instead. These trips were fun for me, Disney more than anything just because every year was different and things were changing, or I was able to ride something one year that I hadn’t been able to the previous. When we started going to Charleston things were different though. I still enjoyed the trips but every year was just like the last and though I liked the scenery and the ocean, I got tired of it all quite quickly.

I wouldn’t say that these trips were what caused my desire to travel, because though I found pleasure in those trips most of the time, I never really wanted to go on them. The places I’ve wanted to go to are places like England and Ireland, Scotland and France, places throughout the European world. Maybe some Eastern Asian countries too. I’ve always had a desire to travel to places that were so outside of my comfort zone, where I would be so separated from all that I know.

So why do I want to travel? I don’t know. Maybe to see the places where my family is from, where I can trace my heritage and ancestry to. Maybe to explore ancient places which cannot exist in the United States because all traces of Native American land has been wiped out for years because of the Colonists. Maybe it’s just because I want to prove to myself that the people of the world are better then those who are in the headlines for horrible acts and that human’s still have some strip of humanity left within them.

Maybe I will never know why I want to travel, but I know that I do and I know that I will, I will travel as much and for as long as I can.


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