Shopping shopping shopping

Now some of you out there might know how day immediately after all us American’s say how thankful we are for the things we have, we go out shopping for more stuff because we can never have enough. My family isn’t quite like that, though we do go out shopping. But we aren’t at any doorbuster deals or popping in at midnight or earlier to get the best deal. We get up normally and lounge around the house a while, still stuffed on turkey and honey-baked ham from the day before and then after we’re properly awake and showered and all, we go to lunch. Yes, I said lunch. That usually takes us an hour or so and it is then that we head to the stores. This year we got to the outlet mall we do our black Friday shopping at around 1. Then we meander our way through the different stores for over four hours and the, to dinner. Our shopping revolves around the meals more than anything, and although I found a lot for myself my mother and aunt are saving the things for Christmas, which I’m okay with.

I found a self-inflating pillow and roll-up reusable water bottle for Ireland along with new hiking boots and a bunch of sweaters and long sleeved things. I got a couple things for Harrison too, hopefully he’ll like them.

Anyway. It’s now 4 months and 31 days until Ireland. I feel like I can say 5 months but I don’t want to, 4 months and some days make’s it seam closer. I’m so excited I can barely contain myself. I’ve got a month left (December) and then we’ll start actually hard facts planning for Ireland. I’m so excited, I just want it to be happening already. I want it to be January. That’d be awesome.

The holiday season is going to be nice but that trip, that’s my real excitement.


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