There’s something about the holidays…

It makes me think about what the future might be like. What next years holidays might be like, or the year after that.
Next year am I gonna be in my own apartment? If so I’d like to have a party. Something for pre-christmas and also something for new years. A kind of diner party would be nice, I could cook for everyone, we could watch movies or listen to music, I could have a little mini-bar set up.
The year after that, would it be possible to imagine I’d be away from Cleveland. That I could be in some new city finding my way through streets I haven’t known since I was a little kid to go shopping and getting groceries.

It also makes me think about how quickly time goes by. I mean, right now it seems like forever until my trip in April next year, but by the time April is here I’ll feel like Christmas was just a little while ago.
I’m so excited to be going there with all the wonderful people, its going to be so much fun as my final class in Hiram. I’m terrified for this school year to be over because I still cannot believe I’m going to be done. However, a trip to one of the places I have always wanted to go, with some of my really good friends, is probably one of the greatest things I could imagine doing as the end of my Hiram life.


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