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So tomorrow is St.Nicholas Day and I am excited. Since the holiday doesn’t fall on a weekend I’m not home this year for it but I can’t wait to go home to see what will be there. Mum has already decorated the house and this was the first year I didn’t get to go home to help them pick out a tree. It’s scary to think that next year I might be going to pick out my own tree for Christmas at my apartment and that I’m going to have to decorate by myself… Maybe Harrison could help me though, that would be nice to do it with him.

We have a meeting tomorrow night for the Ireland trip, more technical details and stuff from Kim. Paperwork to fill out and stuff like that. It’s gonna be nice to finally get down to basics with this. I’m so excited about the trip. And people I know are all going to the same time so I wont feel odd and out of place. I’m always worried about that, feeling out of place or like I don’t belong, but I think this is going to be better because I know people on the trip really well and am close to them. But it’s still hard to feel like I completely fit in. Who knows.

Christmas is an odd time for me because I love the holiday but it is so hard to celebrate when I’m here because I want to celebrate with my friends and all that but I still want to celebrate with my family too. It’s almost too much. I don’t know.

The year is coming to a close and it’s strange. We only have 26 days left in the year which is so odd. Ireland is coming up and them graduation and then… I don’t know. It’s all too much but it’s exciting and terrifying at the same time. Just wow.


Shopping shopping shopping

Now some of you out there might know how day immediately after all us American’s say how thankful we are for the things we have, we go out shopping for more stuff because we can never have enough. My family isn’t quite like that, though we do go out shopping. But we aren’t at any doorbuster deals or popping in at midnight or earlier to get the best deal. We get up normally and lounge around the house a while, still stuffed on turkey and honey-baked ham from the day before and then after we’re properly awake and showered and all, we go to lunch. Yes, I said lunch. That usually takes us an hour or so and it is then that we head to the stores. This year we got to the outlet mall we do our black Friday shopping at around 1. Then we meander our way through the different stores for over four hours and the, to dinner. Our shopping revolves around the meals more than anything, and although I found a lot for myself my mother and aunt are saving the things for Christmas, which I’m okay with.

I found a self-inflating pillow and roll-up reusable water bottle for Ireland along with new hiking boots and a bunch of sweaters and long sleeved things. I got a couple things for Harrison too, hopefully he’ll like them.

Anyway. It’s now 4 months and 31 days until Ireland. I feel like I can say 5 months but I don’t want to, 4 months and some days make’s it seam closer. I’m so excited I can barely contain myself. I’ve got a month left (December) and then we’ll start actually hard facts planning for Ireland. I’m so excited, I just want it to be happening already. I want it to be January. That’d be awesome.

The holiday season is going to be nice but that trip, that’s my real excitement.

Holiday Season

There are so many things going on this year that I have so much to be thankful for. I have a wonderful boyfriend and great friends. I have a family that might be disfunctional but are there for each other. I’m graduating in six or so months. And in five months, I’m going to Ireland with some of my close friends and my boyfriend. No matter the bad or annoying things in life I’m doing fine. Ireland, great friends, amazing boyfriend. I’m doing well.


Flights are being scheduled, or our seats have been put ‘on hold’ as Kim told us. This is getting all the more real and I’m getting more and more excited.

I hate flying, that’s the down side to my love of traveling, of my desire to go any and everywhere. I hate heights and I am kind of claustrophobic, neither of which help with flying. This time though I’ll be able to sit next to Harrison and grip his hand as we take off and as we land. That in itself will help me so much. I didn’t have that last year on the way to England and I nearly had a panic attack.

Our flight doesn’t take off until almost three, then it’s a two hour flight to Newark, then a seven hour or so flight to Shannon, Ireland (although to us it’ll seem like more since we’ll be landing at 7.30 am their time). The time difference might kill me a little but it’ll still be fine as long as I can stay awake the first day. I doubt I’ll have any problem with that because I’ll be so excited to be there. And I might actually get sleep on the flight with Harrison there, he’ll maybe be able to calm me down. The rest of the groups energy might keep me awake though, I don’t know. We’ll see when we leave. We still have 5 months and 9 days but scheduling the flight makes it seem closer.

We only had to set that all up because we’re flying with 22 people. A big group needs to be scheduled in early or we’d have to pay a ton and couldn’t get seats in the same area (most likely). It’s odd to think that this group is so much smaller than the group that went to England last spring, nearly 10 more people on this one. But it’ll be nice, I already know that I like a lot of the people going so I doubt that I’ll have a problem.

If Dreisbach allows us to choose our roommates for at least half of the trip I think I’ll room with Amanda. We get along well and share some interests, and we’d be able to just talk about our excitements too. I know I’m gonna be taking a shit ton of pictures and writing a lot while I’m there and she’s the kind of person who’ll be able to respect that I need some quiet to do that. And even if Dreisbach doesn’t let us choose roommates I feel like I know a good amount of the people going that I’d be able to get along with almost everyone if not everyone on the trip.

I’ll try and update this too while we’re over there, sending things from my phone whenever I can get a wireless connection. I feel like I’ll be able to find some place to do that at least every couple of days. If not I can save stuff on Evernote and just post them when we get back.

Fall semester has four weeks and a couple days left, then Winter break and the Spring semester begins. Once that happens class meeting for the Ireland Class will begin and I will officially freak out. So excited now, I don’t know what I will be like once it’s actually time to go.